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The construction of the historical and cultural complex will be fully completed by the end of the year. Chairperson of ‘Kazakh Tourism’ National Company Yerzhan Yerkinbayev said that the facility will become a popular tourist destination. A lot of work has been done in Ulytau district of Karagandy region to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde.

“Special attention is paid to the development of ethno-tourism. On the instructions of the President, we plan to implement a large-scale project ‘Ulytau’. We expect it to become one of the top tourist centers in the country. The construction of the Zhoshy Khan Historical and Cultural Complex should be completed by the end of the year,” Yerkinbayev said.


The Zhoshy Khan Mausoleum is not just an architectural monument of the 13th century, but also the only trace of the Genghis Khan dynasty that remained on the planet. Therefore, it is planned to erect a grand monument next to it that will symbolize the significance of the historic site. After all, the founder of the Golden Horde Zhoshy Khan was a person who changed world history. The complex will include an exhibition hall dedicated to the descendants of Zhoshy Khan, and the formation of the Golden Horde and the Kazakh Khanate, as well as a hotel for tourists and a cafe.


“It is also planned to build an ethno-village on the territory of this complex. Tourist routes will be organized there, and access roads will be improved for the convenience of visitors,” Yerkinbayev added.


He noted that the renovated historical complex will generate a great interest among travelers and will undoubtedly become a well-known tourist attraction not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. Special routes ‘Kasiyetti Ulytau’ (Holy place of Ulytau), ‘Khan Zholy’ (Khan’s Path), ‘Terekti Auliye’ (Sacred Poplar) and ‘Korgasyn Kupiyasy’ (Secret of Lead) have already been developed under the ‘Ulytau’ brand to attract domestic and foreign tourists.


Experts say that it is possible that in the future the Zhoshy Khan Mausoleum will be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which will give a powerful impetus to tourism development in the region. 



Photo: inform.kz


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