Omurbek Tekebayev called on SDPK to unite “Parliament”

, Bishkek –,

“No one should invite deputies to their offices and exert pressure, we are not servants,” Omurbek Tekebaev, leader of the Ata Meken faction, said at a meeting of the Jogorku Kenesh today.

He made this remark, addressing the leader of the Onuguu-Progress faction, Bakyt Torobaev. “Everyone knows that he is the son of the legendary parliamentary deputy Ergesh Torobaev. I would like to say that sometimes sons are superior to their fathers, and we should all be worthy of our parents, be no worse than those who sat in that very “legendary” parliament, ”Omurbek Tekebaev noted.

The leader of Ata Meken, who, as you know, has been in session for the sixth consecutive convocation, called on his colleagues not to allow “they were summoned to their offices and pressured.” “We are not somebody’s servants, but representatives of the people. Today the development of the country is proceeding according to the Constitution, and no matter how ridiculed we are, all six factions of the JK should unite. It is no secret to anyone that the SDPK party is now run by Farid Niyazov and Sapar Isakov. But this party is not alien to me, because of them we were arrested. We must unite to preserve our country, ”concluded Omurbek Tekebaev.



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