The last Hero of the Soviet Union, born in Kyrgyzstan, Evdokia Pasko died “Great Victory”

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In Moscow on January 23, Evdokia Pasko, the last born in Kyrgyzstan Hero of the Soviet Union, the legendary Soviet military pilot, navigator of the squadron of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Regiment, died. Svetlana Lapteva, coordinator of the search movement of Kyrgyzstan “Our Victory – Bizdin Zhenish”, informed about this.

According to the flight book, our countrywoman has a record number of sorties – 790 and 10 sorties for special missions. The total flight time was 1220 hours. More than a hundred tons of bombs were dropped on enemy positions. The destruction of four fuel depots, three ammunition depots, three searchlights, two crossings, 11 vehicles and one aircraft on the ground was confirmed; 157 violent explosions, 109 fires. In addition, up to 2 million leaflets were dropped behind enemy lines.

At the end of 1945, senior lieutenant Evdokia Pasko retired. She returned to Moscow and successfully completed the courses of mechanics and mathematics at Moscow State University, graduate school. She had an academic degree of candidate of technical sciences. She worked as a senior teacher at the Moscow Higher Technical School.

During the Great Patriotic War, over 800,000 Soviet women, arms in hand, rose to defend their country. Many of them were directly involved in hostilities. The formation of military units, unique in world history, female aviation regiments, began in the days of the Moscow battle on the initiative and under the general leadership of the famous pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Marina Mikhailovna Raskova. The air regiments received their baptism of fire in the terrible 1942. In fighters and bombers, they crushed the enemy on a par with men.

Evdokia Pasko was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery.



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