Twitter has revealed what functions will be in a paid subscription “Technoblog”

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The social network Twitter has launched a survey for users. It will ask you to rate what features users would like to see in the service. TechCrunch.

In a survey, the company asked users to rate the following options:

• Cancel sending tweets. You can recall a tweet within 30 seconds before subscribers see it.

• Custom colors. You can change the color of the background, links, mentions, hashtags and icons.

• Publishing video. Publish videos in higher resolution and five times longer than they are now.

• Badges. Add icons of the companies you represent to your profile.

• Answering machine. Prepare a series of automatic responses.

• Advanced analytics. See the dynamics and the most frequent mentions of the account.

• Brand surveys. Conduct user surveys about ads launched by companies to measure their effectiveness.



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