Alexander Petrov: Winning the World Championship is good, but communication is better! “People and Destinies”

– Let us coordinate our interview before publication. Where should I send it?

– Don’t, I trust you. I don’t have a computer either. I am a supporter of libraries. Since childhood I like to read, – Alexander Mikhailovich admits.

– You are a happy man!

This is how our conversation began with Alexander Petrov, the world and European champion in kettlebell lifting. This is a man of the old school. Open-minded and sociable. Positive energy gushes out of him. At 58, he is young at heart and strong in body. He spoke about his boundless love for sports IA «».

Army hardening

– What literature do you prefer?

– I read almost all of Erich Maria Remarque. I like the Weiner brothers detectives. I love patriotic literature. And also – the work of Yesenin and Pushkin. But now I read less often! There is not enough time.

– Have you been into sports for a long time?

– I come from the north of Kazakhstan. In the ninth grade I became seriously interested in cross-country skiing. After school he studied at a technical school in Russia. At the opening of the winter season in the Kurgan region, he showed the best result. They offered to stay there and ski. But I wanted to go to Kyrgyzstan, where my parents had already moved. After serving in the army and graduating from a technical school, he arrived here.

I got a job at the Frunze plant, and they told me that they also do skiing. Introduced to the coaches. At distances of 10 and 15 kilometers, I became the champion of the republic. In the winter he raced on skis, and in the summer he was engaged in the all-around TRP. Then he went to the army again, only now for long service. Passed it at the helicopter base. Graduated from the school of warrant officers with a degree in helicopter and engine mechanics. Served helicopters MI-8 and MI-24 – eternal, reliable machines. Then he joined kettlebells – an army sport.

He trained with Dynamo, who made up the backbone of the Kyrgyz national team, but had no right to play for their club. It included those who served in the police, was a firefighter or border guard. And I was in the military. They made me fictitious documents, and I was still able to play for this club. 17 teams from all over the Union took part in the CS Dynamo tournament. I finished third. He was the champion of the Central Asian and Turkestan Military District, the second prize-winner of the USSR Air Force Championship. The general army experience is 15 years.

– In the dashing 1990s, was there no time for training?

– When the Union collapsed, they said in Kyrgyzstan: “Our country does not need an army, go wherever you want.” I had to quit. The son was already seven or eight years old, and the daughter was four. We lived in a one-room apartment, and there were no prospects. I went to Petropavlovsk home. He lived there for two years, built a house, started a farm. He successfully participated in regional competitions in winter all-around. But then I had to sell everything and go back. My wife is from Kyrgyzstan and is used to the warmth. And in my homeland it’s a terrible cold. Although the trip was good for my wife. Before moving to Kazakhstan, she suffered from asthma, but after two years and returning to the Kyrgyz Republic, the disease disappeared. So it was not in vain!

Returning, he got a job in the security service of one of the enterprises. Then they began to recruit their own people there, and had to quit. For some time I worked in the Security Council of the Russian Embassy, ​​for the last nine years I have been working in the security of the Trade Representation of Russia.

Many weightlifters left the Kyrgyz Republic in the 1990s, others quit sports. And I ran, swam, pulled iron. I worked on the horizontal bar: the best result is 28 pull-ups. For an hour, without getting off, I did 210 lifts with a coup; lifts by force – 170 times in 45 minutes. He regularly went to the Issyk-Kul Games and was a champion among kettlebell lifters. And then, in 2008, Shamil Yargaev organized the kettlebell lifting Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic. Here things have already become more serious. They began to hold national championships and cups and go to the world level. We went to competitions several times together with Ekaterina Starikova. At the European Championship 2014 won “gold”. In the same year, both become second in the world championship. Recently went for one more World Cup: I won, and Katya again took second place, but so brilliantly that everyone was talking about her, not about the winner. In 2013, by the way, I also won the World Cup and the European Championship, but they were held by another international federation, and I did not like the organization of the tournaments. The International Kettlebell Lifting Union, which we are part of, is much more serious. And it’s harder to win here.

My best results in kettlebell lifting: in the snatch – 215 times in 10 minutes, in the clean and jerk – 70.

Best award

– As an athlete you have reached the top. What are you striving for now?

– My wife is not a lover of sports, and we often had conflicts on this basis. She kept saying: “Why do you need this – loads, training. You are such an age! ” And I answered: “The medals are, of course, good. But the most interesting thing is different. I come to some kind of championship, and I have a lot of friends! Communication itself may mean more to me than anything else. “

Now my wife has already resigned herself, realizing that she cannot overcome me. He even once said to her: “I will throw you faster than sports.”

Today my son is 33. I used to lift weights, but he didn’t really like them. Now he works as a security guard, and they definitely need physical training. He is engaged in hand-to-hand combat and wrestling. I recommended that he lift weights. This sport will not interfere with any other. All muscle groups work in kettlebells, strength endurance is formed. He will do more serious work than before, wants to compete. We agreed that next year we will go to the Issyk-Kul Games together.

– And how are you?

– Okay – thanks charging! Sport is strength, alcohol is a grave. This is our motto. While still in the army, I was undergoing a medical examination, and they told me that I have a sports heart.

My shoulder is injured: a bundle of muscles is torn. When I jerk, I don’t feel pain, but when I jerk, I feel. The biceps are also injured, and with a heavy load, the damage makes itself felt. I got it not in sports, but at home, on the farm. This does not interfere with kettlebells.

As long as I am healthy, I will participate in competitions. In a year, because of my age, I will not perform with 24-kilogram weights, but with 16 kg.

The costume of a champion

– At the World Cup you compete in the category of “veterans”, and in the republican arena you compete with younger athletes.

– To be honest, at the KR championship I do not give all my best. According to the regulations of the tournament, a participant has the right to compete one category higher. And I use it. I fight for the victory with more difficult participants and win.

– What is the secret of your success?

– Many young people want to win, but there is no opportunity. Because they train little. And to become a champion, you have to plow and plow. I do it regularly. I do strength training three times a week. True, it is not always possible to come to the gym, but I have weights at work. I run five to eight kilometers two or three times a week. Previously, I recorded how many lifts I did during a workout and summed them up. At the weakest training session, he lifted eight tons. And so – 10-12.

People know about my strength and often invite me to covens. I do my work and, out of sports interest, time it. I shift five tons of coal in an hour. Once they brought 480 sand blocks. In 45 minutes I unloaded them from the car and folded them aside. The driver was amazed: “Well, you give! Usually three or four people unload such a load for two hours. ”

– What are the prospects for kettlebell lifting in the country?

– There are talented youth. Apart from Ekaterina Starikova and me, three Kyrgyzstanis went to the 2016 World Cup. Alexander Sapozhnikov and Evgeny Kurochkin, like Katya, won silver awards.

I would be glad to share my experience with the younger generation. Ready to train for free! Unfortunately, the federation does not have its own base. Not all young guys who want to succeed in kettlebell lifting can pay for the rent of the halls. And with funding difficulties. Thanks to the sports department for the help. Thanks to our inspirer Shamil Yargaev: he runs, looks for sponsors, proves to the sports department that we are capable of something. Without him, we would hardly have gone anywhere and achieved something.



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