During a drunken quarrel, a woman killed her partner “Crime”

The murder ended in drinking alcoholic beverages in the village of Leninsky, Alamudun district. This is reported by the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Chui region.

According to the department, the crime was committed on March 18. At about 18.30, the police department on duty received a message about the discovery of the corpse of an unknown man with signs of violent death on one of the streets of the village. Arrived at the scene of the crime investigative-operational the group on examination revealed stab-cut wounds in the chest area. The victim was identified immediately. It turned out to be a local resident.

On suspicion of committing a crime, the victim’s concubine was detained, 46 year old woman.
According to the investigation, the suspect and her common-law husband drank alcoholic beverages. As a result of a quarrel, she stabbed the man with a knife. The man died on the spot.

A criminal case was initiated. An investigation is underway. The suspect has been arrested.



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