The deputy proposes to reduce the number of officials traveling with escort “Parliament”

, Bishkek –,

At a meeting of the parliamentary committee on budget and finance, a deputy from the Ata Meken faction, Saidulla Nyshanov, proposed to reduce the number of officials traveling with escort.

He expressed his opinion when discussing the country’s main financial document for the next year. “We saw that due to disorganization, most ordinary Kyrgyzstanis could not get to the Kyrchyn jailoo, because the officials went there accompanied by several cars. It is necessary to reconsider the issue of escorting high-ranking officials by police cars and to leave the escort only for top officials of the state, ”he said.

The deputies also considered it necessary to postpone the consideration of the republican budget-2017 until the next meeting, since many received the documentation on Friday afternoon and did not have time to study it, because they were present at the opening of the II World Nomad Games.



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