In Moscow, Kyrgyzstanis did not share a one-year-old baby and left him on the street “Incidents”

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Kyrgyzstanis the parents of a one-year-old boy threw him in a stroller at night on a street in Moscow. As it turned out later, they simply could not decide with whom the child would remain in case of divorce, writes “Moscow’s comsomolets”.

A lonely stroller with a toddler who was crying was noticed by a stranger and called the police. The child was taken to a children’s clinic, and the police began to look for his mother.

Found quickly. The parents turned out to be citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who had a falling out a couple of weeks ago, the woman moved out from her husband. The boy stayed with his father and grandmother, but soon the problem of the constant care of the baby arose.

The man decided to leave his son in the care of his aunt. On the eve of the incident, the man brought her child, but they quarreled and dispersed, leaving the baby alone at the entrance.

A little later, law enforcement officers tracked down the child’s mother. The 34-year-old woman said that she accidentally left her son on the street.

The prosecutor’s office will check and assess the observance of the rights of the minor and the fulfillment by the parents of their responsibilities for raising children.



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