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New Kyrgyz films appear on the posters of local cinemas almost every month. The genres are different: from comedy to thrillers. Even more often in the news we read how domestic filmmakers received awards at international festivals. interviewed several representatives of the cinematography sector of Kyrgyzstan and prepared a list of films that must be watched.

“Kyrgyz miracle”

Acquaintance with the world of Kyrgyz cinema should start with the films that were created in the 1960s-80s. This gold fund is called the “Kyrgyz miracle”.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the film “The First Teacher”

Films “Heat”, “Dzhura”, “Difficult Crossing”, “The First Teacher”, “The Sky of Our Childhood”, “Mother’s Field”, “Shot at the Karash Pass”, “Ambush”, “Street”, “White Steamer”, “Red Apple”, “Men without Women” and others have glorified Kyrgyz cinema throughout the world.

“Unknown route”

The film “Unknown Route” directed by Timur Birnazarov describes the socio-political situation in the 2000s. In one bus, which got off its route, different people gathered: an official, a clergyman, a sectarian, a girl of easy virtue, a thief and villagers.

Conflicts arise between them due to irreconcilability of views. All actions take place on the bus.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the film “Unknown Route”

Of course, all coincidences are accidental, but in the film you can find similarities between the characters and some politicians and public figures.

“Kurmanjan Datka”

The historical epic, directed by Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, is for many in the first place among modern Kyrgyz films. Actresses – Zhamal Seydakmatova, Nazira Mambetova and Elina Abai kyzy played the role of the Alai queen.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the film “Kurmanzhan Datka”

Brave, wise Kurmanzhan knew her own worth from her youth and made the choice of her life partner herself.

The film is accompanied by mesmerizing scenes against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain landscape.


Like other films of Aktan Arem Kubat, “Centaur” is a social drama about a man with faith in the truth. The main character, nicknamed the Centaur, took it upon himself to cleanse the people of the wrath of the gods and return their power.

Knowing that people once worshiped horses, he opposes killing them. The centaur steals them from the stables of their fellow villagers and sets them free. But the ending is tragic – the main character, played by the director himself, dies.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the movie “Centaur”

In 2018, Centaur was shortlisted for Best Foreign Films by the Oscar.

“Time of the Persistent” (Kok-boru)

One of the most beautiful films about the national sport. The film tells about the unity of the villagers, the relationship between father and son, touches on the problem of corruption, the role of the media, love and betrayal.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the film “Time of the Persistent”

By the way, the film by director Ruslan Akun “Salam, New York”, which tells the story of the gifted lawyer Baatyr, who abandons the American dream in order to fight corruption in Kyrgyzstan, is also recommended for viewing.


The film is worth watching, if only out of curiosity, because it was included in the long-list of the Oscar and received a good response from the masters of cinematography of Kyrgyzstan for its peculiar look.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the movie “Aurora”

Directed by Bekzat Pirmatov. The film is shot in the spirit of “Pulp Fiction”.

The Enemy

The complex life story of the teenager Zhekshen will leave few people indifferent to the problems of children from vulnerable social strata. The main character, despite his age, has to solve adult problems. His mother left her alcoholic husband and married another, and Zhekshen decided to stay with his dad and took over the solution of family problems.

How can a student pay for school renovations? Pay off your father’s debts?

Jekshen uses the abilities of a runner and participates in “tushoo toys”, winning cash prizes.

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Photo from the Internet. Stills from the film “Zhoo kuluk”


From the latest commercial films, several young directors offered to watch this one. The cinemas recently showed the second part of the comedy story of two partners – employees of the criminal investigation department.

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Photo from the Internet. Filming of the film “Partner”

Our filmmakers admitted that at first they didn’t believe that the CAV would be able to make a film, but as it turned out, their work became not only a box office, but also a good creative project.

“After the Rain”

Not only the victims of ala kachuu, but also many women in the country, who were forced to marry by their parents, will see themselves in the film “Zhamgyrdan Kiin”. What would it be like to support their relatives, without fear of the condemnation of relatives and neighbors?

The script for the feature film was written by an American woman, Eugenia Chang, using stories from real heroes – women of Kyrgyzstan.

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Photo from the Internet. Shots from the movie “After the Rain”



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