The second generation of flexible smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2 was presented by Samsung »Technoblog»

Samsung has unveiled the second generation of its Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone. reported Engadget portal.

According to him, the changes compared to the original were noticeable. So, the additional display of the phone located on the cover now covers the entire surface, and not only part of it, as in the first generation.

The size of this Fold 2 external screen is 6.2 inch… The diagonal of the main display was increased to 7.6 inch – the first Fold (7.3 inch).

Samsung has not yet disclosed the specifications and has not named all the changes that have occurred inside the device.

Samsung Electronics

Фото Samsung Electronics. Galaxy Z Fold 2

The first version of the Fold is notorious for its poor reliability. Closing the flexible display created an air gap through which dust and particles could enter. When the phone was opened again, the sand would dent or damage the screen.

There were other little things that you don’t expect from a device worth over $ 2 thousand, reminded portal 3DNews. The cameras were placed in a large cutout, the external screen was awkward, when folded, the device was thick and formed a large gap: the smartphone did not look attractive.

The Fold 2 is available in black, bronze, and Thom Browne finishes. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the price of the gadget yet. Samsung promises to reveal full details in September.



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