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For two hours, the board of Air Astana could not obtain permission to fly on the Almaty – Istanbul – Almaty route. The reason is a call to the airline from the Turkish aviation authorities, which prohibited the departure of the aircraft, reports reports that the Turkish side called Air Astana while the plane was already heading for the runway. Obviously, Turkey knows about regular flights, the time of departure, arrival and the agreements of diplomats on the possibility of flying. However, the call rang out at the moment the plane was taxiing onto the runway.

In fact, such a telephone conversation cannot be an official ban, but the desire of the airline to receive confirmation is understandable. As a result, 1 hour later, an official letter was received indicating “a ban on flights between Turkey and Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and the possibility of performing only repatriation flights in coordination with the Turkish Foreign Ministry.”

Neither Air Astana, nor the aviation authorities of Kazakhstan, nor the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Turkey and the Ambassador of Turkey to Kazakhstan were warned in advance of this ban, which entailed a serious delay and inconvenience for the 101 passengers who were on board. in the press service of the airline.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry promised that the official document on the ban can be seen on social networks Facebook and Twitter in the coming days. By the way, only Air Astana will experience problems with flights from Turkey to Kazakhstan. Turkish Airlines continues its flights quietly.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, citing the Civil Aviation Committee, said they did not know the details, since they had not received “any official document either.” But they confirmed the information that Turkey has closed the entry for Kazakhstan.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, the Kazakh authorities reported that if the epidemiological situation improves, Kazakhstan intends to resume flights with Turkey from August 10.

The editorial board is puzzled by the behavior of Turkish officials. Why do they allow themselves to prohibit something to the Kazakh airline by phone, contrary to all the rules of international etiquette.

It is unclear how Kazakhstan, where, according to the Ministry of Health, it was possible to take control of the epidemiological situation, was included in the same list with Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also unclear why only Kazakhstan was included in the list, because the prevalence of coronavirus infection in other CIS countries is not better.

At the moment, aircraft from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan can fly to Turkey without any problems with the appropriate permission to enter Turkey for citizens of these countries.

The next regular flight of Air Astana JSC is scheduled for August 7 on the Almaty-Istanbul-Almaty route with 251 passengers (154 to Turkey and 97 from Turkey). But until now, it remains unclear whether the board will be able to fly out of Kazakhstan. And on the basis of which the Turkish authorities do not allow the Kazakh airline to fly.

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