Get a galosh! Businessmen named the worst officials “Reports”

Today the National Business Club named the most effective and ineffective leaders based on the results of the working year. The officials were presented with awards – “Golden Handshake” and “Black Galosh”.

Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan are actively fighting for their rights. Having united in associations, they learned to lobby their interests and solve emerging problems at the highest level. However, not all officials are ready to create the business paradise promised by the authorities. There are also departments that regularly put a spoke in the wheels of domestic business.

The National Business Club was established last year. It includes businessmen and representatives of almost all business associations in the country. At the first meeting, entrepreneurs decided hand over to the most ineffective official the “Black Galosh”. Based on the results of the working year, the top three most loyal and private leaders were identified.

According to businessmen, most of all, the business is helped by Vice Prime Minister Oleg Pankratov, Minister of Economy Arzybek Kozhoshev and Deputy Minister of Economy Almaz Sazbakov. However, the “Golden Handshake” was awarded to Oleg Pankratov as the most open to business official.

The representative of the National Business Club Sergei Ponomarev explained that the choice was objective. Indeed, business has never once faced a refusal from the Deputy Prime Minister, no matter what questions they ask.

However, not all officials are so business-friendly. There are those who only hinder him.

The three worst were Deputy Minister of Economy Bakkeldi Tyumenbaev, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Kyrgyzstan Oleg Gorin and Director of the Department of Precious Metals under the Ministry of Finance Kanatbek Madumarov.

However, the most closed official for business was the Deputy Minister of Economy Bakkeldi Tyumenbaev. True, the official did not come to the award ceremony. Instead, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy Aidai Kurmanova was present.

Sergey Ponomarev explained why the business decided so. Entrepreneurs were offended that Bakkeldi Tyumenbaev refused to cooperate with business in the development of a new version of the Tax Code, and at a meeting of the Investment Council said that the business itself did not want to make amendments and study the document. Also, businessmen blame Bakkeldi Tyumenbayev for not listening to the opinion of entrepreneurs on the decree on the introduction of cash registers with the function of transmitting data online.

“I support the criteria by which the business determined the best and worst officials. If there are any flaws, then you need to work on it. We’ve got two nominations. One for the Golden Handshake, the other for the Black Galosh. At the same time, I cannot say that an individual person is responsible for something. This is a common job. But I will pass the information and the opinion of the entrepreneurs to the head, ”commented the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy Aidai Kurmanova.



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