Deputies are dissatisfied with weak forecasting of the republican budget »Parliament»

The head of the parliamentary committee on budget and finance, Askarbek Shadiev, criticized the government for incorrectly forecasting the republican budget.

“We are adopting a new budget, but who will be responsible for the failure to fulfill last year’s financial documents of the country? We have a frequent change of cabinet, and no one is responsible for anything. But this cannot be permanent. You were in the last composition of the government and also defended some issues here. We have doubts: will the republican budgets that we adopt be executed? There are many risks. We constantly receive incomplete answers, dissatisfaction is accumulating in us, ”said Birbolovets.

Askarbek Shadiev also noted that the issue of responsibility of the Cabinet will be raised at the plenary session of the JK. “The government has gone down the wrong path and is misleading us. Many schools are not yet completed, the same can be said about hospitals and roads. Because forecasts are made incorrectly, and then we follow them incorrectly. No one is responsible for incorrect forecasting. The budget deficit is growing. Let someone answer us and, if necessary, leave his post. All over the world there is a crisis, our compatriots are taking loans to cover the previous one. This is bondage. And here you forecast the budget incorrectly, leave risks, many budget items are simply not implemented. Or they are executed with long delays, ”he added.

A deputy from the Onuguu-Progress faction, Ziyadin Zhamaldinov, noted that taxes will have to be raised again to fulfill the revenue side of the budget. “This is a heavy burden on ordinary Kyrgyzstanis. We are constantly editing financial documents, correcting them, but all this happens because there is no ability to clearly predict, ”he said.

His colleagues stressed that it is impossible to look back at the customs and tax services all the time. “We need to think and plan macroeconomic data more carefully, and not rework the adopted documents later. All construction firms go bankrupt. It is hard for people, who can survive as best they can, ”said the people’s deputy Taabaldy Tillaev.



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