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In Bishkek August 7 sunny. The air temperature is expected to be +38 degrees. The day decreased to 14 hours 15 minutes.

Blackouts of light, gas, water

  • 9.00-17.00 – Vostok-5 microdistrict, 8/3, 29, Patrice Lumumba street, 64;
  • 9.30-13.00 – sections of Skryabin, Shukurov, Karadaryinskaya, Toktonaliev streets;
  • 9.30-17.30 – sections of Moskovskaya, Ibraimov, Toktogul streets;
  • 9.30-18.00 – massive “Ala-Too” (streets Kara-Sai, Syn-Tash, Ala-Too, Kyzyl-Too, Orto-Aryk, Ak-Bulak, Sary-Uchkun, Uluk Too, Kok-Kiya, Kara-Bulak , Tuyuk-Zhar), sections of Messarosha Street, Ilmenskaya;
  • 9.00-18.00 – massive “Ak-Ordo” (streets Karkyra, Duishebaeva, Ak-Ak, Altyn-Bayrak);
  • 10.00-17.00 – residential area “Dordoi-2” (2nd street);
  • 13.00-16.00 – 6th microdistrict, 31-34;
  • 14.00-18.00 – massive “Ak-Bosogo” (Chui-29 – Chui-32 streets).

Blocked roads

  • section of Tolstoy Street from 7 April Street to Dostoevsky Street; More details
  • a section of the western side of 7 April Street before the intersection with Akhunbaev Street; More details
  • section of Toktogul street between Orozbekov and Panfilov streets. More details

Who is planning to

Taalaibek Kulmendeev

Born on August 7, 1965 in the Issyk-Kul region. Director, producer, chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Aida Kasymalieva

She was born on August 7, 1984 in Osh. Vice Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh.

Memorable dates

The beginning of events in Koy-Tash

On this day of 2019, the special forces of the State Committee for National Security attempted to storm the residence of Almazbek Atambayev in the village of Koy-Tash. The special operation failed.

In the course of the riots that began, more than 40 people were injured, and Usen Niyazbekov, deputy commander of the Alpha special unit, was killed. Supporters of the former head of state took six special forces soldiers hostage.

Investigation of the events in Koi-Tash on August 7-8 completed in January 2020. The criminal case has 80 volumes. 19 people are accused.

International beer day

из интернета

Photos from the Internet

For the first time this holiday took place in 2007 in Santa Cruz (California, USA) and for several years had a fixed date – August 5th. But as the geography of the holiday spread, its date also changed – since 2012 it has been celebrated on the first Friday of August. It was by this time that it turned from a local festival into an international event – in 2012 it was celebrated in 207 cities of 50 countries on five continents.

According to archaeological finds, beer in Ancient Egypt was already brewed for sure in the 3rd century BC. e., that is, it can trace its history from more ancient times.

People who changed the world

Born statesman Amangeldy Muraliev

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Photos from the Internet

Born on August 7, 1947 in the village of Kum-Aryk, Chui region.

In 1988-1991 he was the chairman of the Executive Committee, the City Council of People’s Deputies (Frunze), the mayor of the city. 1991-1992 – Secretary of State, Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan for Economy, member of the Presidium of the Cabinet of Ministers, member of the Presidential Council and the City Council.

In 1992-1993, he held the post of Minister of Economy and Finance, in 1996 – Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic for Industrial Policy.

In 1999-2000, he was the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Academician of the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the International Engineering Academy. He has 10 inventions and a number of rationalization proposals, most of which have been introduced into production.

Where to go

  • “Gallery M” invites you to the online exhibition of Khalida Shimova. More details

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