Bishkek grocery basket on August 8. How much money does a family spend on food “Economy”

Over the past week, only potatoes, peppers and carrots have risen in price in Bishkek. Prices for cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, apples and milk fell.

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As a result, the cost of the minimum set of products increased over the week. for 165 soms – up to 3 thousand 598 soms.

We go to the same supermarket every week and track prices for the same set of products. Below is a full breakdown of which products ended up in our cart and why.

The analysis shows that since the beginning of our experiment at the end of October 2018, the cost of the grocery basket has increased by 328 soms. Note that for the third month in a row the cost of the basket does not exceed 4 thousand soms. Since the beginning of 2020, food prices have dropped by 738 soms.

The cheapest products in our basket are bread, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. The price of the former remains virtually unchanged for the second year in a row. Vegetables began to fall in price after the 2020 harvest appeared on the shelves.

The government of Kyrgyzstan approved the standards for nutrition of the Kyrgyz people back in 2009. According to the document, every resident of the country must consume 9 items of food every month.

The approved standard includes bakery products – 9 kilograms, meat – 5 kilograms, potatoes – 8.2 kilograms, vegetables – 9 kilograms, fruits and berries – 10 kilograms, sugar – 2 kilograms, milk – 17 liters, vegetable oil – 1 liter, eggs – 4 pieces, fish and fish products – 100 grams, tea – 200 grams.

Based on the minimum norm set by the state, we calculated how much the consumer basket of a family of four costs. As a basis, we took food prices in one of the Bishkek supermarkets. Recently, many residents of the city have been increasingly purchasing in large stores.

Of course, the calculations of food consumption are approximate and based solely on those norms that are approved by the state. Also, not everyone eats the same amount and the same amount. Someone does not eat meat at all, and someone does not like sugar. So it is not worth treating our basket as some kind of ultimate truth. It’s more of a social experiment

Bread products include both bread and pasta and cereals. Our family is an average one, so from fruits it prefers apples and bananas, and from vegetables – onions, carrots, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. No frills. Only the essentials.



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