Isa Omurkulov: President criticized someone – he has the right to do so »Parliament»

“The President expressed criticism of someone, but he has the right to do so, he is popularly elected,” the leader of the SDPK faction and the ruling coalition Isa Omurkulov said today at a meeting of the Jogorku Kenesh.

He explained that, since earlier the leader of the Ata Meken faction, Omurbek Tekebayev, touched upon the SDPK faction in his speech, he could not remain silent.

“We are making changes to the Constitution, this is the Basic Law, which works for the good of the country and must preserve the sovereignty of the state, must ensure the independence of the republic from some international decisions,” Isa Omurkulov said.

“You know, in our country there is freedom of speech, and among the initiators of the project there are signatures of the leaders of all factions of the JK. And I think that the proposed changes must be necessarily adopted into the Constitution, because we must continue to ensure the development and independence of our country, ”said Isa Omurkulov.

He cited as an example Articles 6 and 40 of the Basic Law. “Yesterday the president said this in his speech: if outside our country the decisions of some international organizations may be higher than our laws, this is unacceptable, and therefore a referendum should take place, and our faction will support the president’s policy,” the parliamentarian stressed.

As for yesterday’s speech by the head of state, Isa Omurkulov explained that “this is an attempt to draw attention to the incidents that took place in 1916 and subsequent ones”. “Yes, he voiced criticism, but he has the right to do so, because he is the popularly elected president. Maybe he knows something, that’s why he said, ”the deputy added.

In conclusion, the head of the majority coalition assured that the parliament will prepare the referendum in accordance with all procedures. “Within two more weeks, you can apply and submit your proposals, a large group of philologists, lawyers and other experts is working there,” he recalled and drew attention to the fact that statements about the usurpation of power by the president do not correspond to reality. “If you look at the amendments being introduced, you will not find in them norms on the extension of the presidential term,” Isa Omurkulov summed up.



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