“It will be done soon.” The President announced the imminent personnel reform

Society is talking about the need to reduce the number of civil servants. Will the requirements for optimization of civil service, rational and economical functioning of state structures be strengthened? This question was asked by the journalists to President Sooronbai Jeenbekov in an interview with Birinchi Radio.

The head of state replied that everyone was convinced of this during the pandemic.

– The whole world is faced with this phenomenon. It became obvious that the private sector, the business community, and government agencies can and should change their activities. I already had thoughts on this, and in the current situation they have become stronger. This is the imperative of the times. This is a must. Of course, our state will agree to carry out such reforms. There was a lot of talk about the administrative-territorial reform in the country. It will be done soon. We are ready for this. For various reasons, this reform was not carried out. But, after the parliamentary elections, we will start this reform, – stressed Jeenbekov.

The President promised that as a result of these transformations, many overlapping state structures will be eliminated, there will be changes and reductions. This will help the government system operate more efficiently, reduce bureaucracy and resolve problems faster.



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