Moments of life. Beauty of Kyrgyzstan through the eyes of readers »Agent 024»

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Kyrgyzstan has magnificent nature, many unusual places and wonderful people. You can talk about this endlessly. But a photo or video says much more than dozens of words.

Admit it, you probably have accumulated archives of photos or small videos and you want to share the most interesting pictures and videos not only with family and friends. We decided to collect such moments of life and talk about the country and its people together with our readers.

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Photos and videos that you want to share can be sent to our page at Facebook, by e-mail or editorial number WhatsApp 0555312024.

Be sure to include the author of the photo and video and the place where they were taken. If there are any interesting stories or memories associated with them, be sure to write about it.

We publish a selection of the most interesting photos and videos of our readers on Sundays on the website… Let’s marvel together!



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