Police find out who turned off the alarm at the warehouse where the weapons were stolen »Crime»

, Bishkek –,

The search for weapons continues in Bishkek, kidnapped from a warehouse of a private company.

As reported IA «» in the city police department, employees are being questioned LLC “Alfa-Security”… The circle of suspects has not yet been identified. It was possible to find out that the safe where the arsenal was kept was de-energized, and therefore the alarm did not work.

The Interior Ministry noted a gross violation of the instructions for storing weapons by the leadership of Alfa-Security.

“If the alarm does not work, then a guard should have been on duty near the safe. Now we are finding out who disabled the “panic button”. It has been proven that electricity was supplied uninterruptedly on the day of the theft, and the alarm was turned off deliberately, and not because of a technical failure, ”the police said.

It should be noted that 10 traumatic pistols and 9 smooth-bore Saiga rifles were stolen, while the criminals did not take the live ammunition.



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