Preferential lending to entrepreneurs from Dos Credobank »Business»

In order to support small entrepreneurs, including private and individual, small and medium-sized businesses, large business entities whose businesses have suffered from the consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, From Credobank jointly with the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic implements the state program “Financing of business entities”.

Concessional lending under the program “Financing of business entities” will be carried out in the following sectors:

– tourism, except for the restaurant business, with the exception of catering outlets at tourist sites (boarding houses, rest houses, and so on);

– light industry (procurement and processing, industry);

– pharmaceutical industry;

– freight transportation;

– stimulating the activity of manufacturing and processing enterprises (with the potential for a multiplier effect on the regional economy based on the cluster approach);

– manufacturing industry, with the exception of the mining industry.

– small and medium-sized businesses applying the components of digitalization of tax procedures;

– up to 50 percent of the disbursed amount can be used to refinance the current loan if the purpose of the current loan is consistent with this program and the borrower repaid more than 50 percent of the principal debt.

The main conditions for the provision of soft loans:

  1. You must be a resident of the Kyrgyz Republic.

  2. Entrepreneurs registered with the relevant government bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic, including the State Tax Service and the Social Fund, can obtain a soft loan.

  3. The borrower needs to have a positive credit history before the pandemic period (March 23, 2020).

  4. It is important that the borrower has no current overdue debt.

  5. The term for issuing preferential loans: 2-10 working days from the date of submission of all the necessary documents.

The main parameters of loans:

Target direction

Credit term

Grace period for ML

% rate, per annum

  1. Purchase, renovation, expansion and modernization of fixed assets.

3-60 months

Up to 18 months, excluding the service and tourism industries.


  1. Purchase of raw materials, components, spare parts, financing of salary payments.

3-36 months

Up to 6 months


  1. Purchase, renewal, expansion and modernization of fixed assets, purchase of goods, raw materials, components, spare parts subjects of entrepreneurial activity, using components of digitalization of tax procedures (electronic invoices, software cash registers, labeling of goods).

3-36 months

Up to 12 months


  1. Refinancing loans to industrial, processing and processing enterprises.

3-36 months

Up to 12 months




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