The Tekebaev case. Protest will intensify »Politics»

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After the arrest of Omurbek Tekebayev, protest will intensify, expert Elmira Nogoibayeva said.

According to her, the authorities discredited themselves by demonstrative arrest of Tekebayev.

Political scientist Tamerlan Ibraimov believes that Almazbek Atambayev pointed out to the people his main political opponent on the eve of the upcoming presidential elections.

“But the saddest thing is that we will not have to wait for any reforms in the near future. The Tekebayev situation could create destruction. External forces can group together, and we can get a completely unexpected person in control of the country. This means that instability will continue, ”added Tamerlan Ibraimov.

Let us remind you that Omurbek Tekebayev is accused of corruption and fraud.



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