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In Bishkek 8 August sunny. The air temperature is expected to be +37 degrees. The day decreased to 14 hours 12 minutes.

Blocked roads

  • section of Tolstoy Street from 7 April Street to Dostoevsky Street; More details
  • a section of the western side of 7 April Street before the intersection with Akhunbaev Street; More details
  • section of Toktogul street between Orozbekov and Panfilov streets. More details

Memorable dates

International Mountaineering Day

Physician Michel-Gabriel Packard and mountain guide Jacques Balma on August 8, 1786, were the first climbers to reach the highest point of the Alps – Mont Blanc, which is 4,810 meters above sea level. Since then, all climbers celebrate their holiday on August 8, the day when the highest peak of the Alps is conquered.

Moreover, not only the conquerors of mountain peaks, but also people who are engaged in industrial mountaineering consider this day their holiday.

International Day of Ophthalmology

For the first time ophthalmologists met him in 2004. Celebrated on the birthday of the Soviet and Russian microsurgeon-ophthalmologist, professor of medicine Svyatoslav Fedorov.

The initiative of Russian doctors was met with enthusiasm and supported abroad, where they knew firsthand about Fedorov’s merits.

Traditionally, conferences and symposia are timed to coincide with the International Day of Ophthalmology, at which the merits and achievements in this field of medicine of individual doctors and scientists are celebrated, experience is exchanged, professional ties are established between colleagues from different countries.

World cat day

World Cat Day is celebrated annually on August 8 at the initiative of the International Fund for the Protection of Animals Animal Welfare, not only to honor furry couch potatoes, but also to draw attention to the problem of stray cats and cats. And today the holiday unites millions of owners of these animals around the world.

It is no secret that cats from time immemorial have been and remain the most widespread domestic animals in the whole world: about 80 percent of all inhabitants of the Earth keep a pet, and more than half of them preferred cats, followed by dogs.

People who changed the world

Professor Hakim Bebezov was born

Born on August 8, 1939. Honored Doctor of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Hospital Surgery of the KRSU.

Specialist in the field of thoracic, abdominal surgery, surgical endocrinology, plastic surgery and parital hypertension. Academician of the International Academy of Creativity (2000). Awarded with the “Dunk” medal.

More than 190 scientific papers have been published, including six monographs, four patents. Under the leadership of Bebezov, 3 doctoral and 15 candidate dissertations were defended.

Art critic Sarman Asanbekov was born

Born on August 8, 1935 on the “Communism” collective farm in Talas region. Art critic, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic.

He worked as a researcher at the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Arts (1958-1961), head of the educational department (1961-1963), then director of the Frunze Art School (1968-1975), head of the art department of the weekly “Kyrgyzstan Madaniyaty” (1968), head of the art department of the Kyrgyz Soviet encyclopedia (1975-1977). From 1977 he worked as the head of the editorial office of literature on art in the publishing house “Kyrgyzstan”.

Since 1980 – a member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Writers of the USSR.

Where to go

  • “Gallery M” invites you to the online exhibition of Khalida Shimova. More details
  • an exhibition of Edward Thompson is being held at the Zusmanovich Suitcase art bar.

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