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The unifying muse

Art lives contrary to the logic of the “time of troubles”. This was once again proved by the concert of young musicians from South Korea – students of the Kyrgyz National Conservatory and the Academic Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra of the National Television and Radio Corporation under the direction of Asankhan Dzhumakhmatov.
Works by composers of the European classical school – early JS Bach, J. Haydn, P. Tchaikovsky and works by Korean composers were performed.
The opening of the concert was the students of Kazbek Bekmuratov, freshmen Ohay Inji and Kim Chun Man. Inji performed the virtuoso first movement of Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. Immediately after several pulsating chords of the orchestra, the solo violin has a wonderful, quivering melody that sounds like a man’s confession. Light, jubilant phrases live in the music, but everything is overshadowed by a tragic monologue in the final part. The soloist artistically coped with the task. The violin duet of P. Sarasate “Navarra” by Kim Ki Pum and Kim Chun Man performed with enthusiasm.
The first movement of J.S.Bach’s Piano Concerto in D minor was performed by third-year student Song Han Na. The composition has a baroque perspective and sound volume. The orchestra speaks to the piano in an undertone. The teacher Gulnara Zhorobekova, a brilliant pianist herself, helped to achieve such a sound. Song Han Na has a lot to learn from her.
Young Korean performers have a special attitude to Russian music. They tried to achieve a “Russian” sound in their interpretations and achieved tangible results. The first movement of P. Tchaikovsky’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra performed by Ohai Inji sounded life-affirming.
The hall of the first Korean student at the Kyrgyz National Conservatory, and now a graduate student, Kim Yong Gu, a pupil of Professor M. Temirbekov, greeted with applause. He sang the song “I Love You” by his compatriot Shin Sang Woo. A beautiful melody, exciting with special expressiveness. The audience heard the love for the distant homeland in the singer’s performance. The general emotional mood of all the participants in the concert was so sincere that the audience involuntarily became infected with the same feeling as the artists, with kindness and gratitude to Kyrgyzstan. It is a pity that the works of Kyrgyz composers were not performed at the concert.
The first performance of Korean students took place last spring. They have now repeated their success.
Together with the wards she participated in the preparation for the concert, the curator Svetlana Ismailova was worried about them. It is not out of place to thank maestro Asankhan Dzhumakhmatov. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Victory, the front-line soldier was still at the control panel.
Gulshat Baysabayeva, musicologist.
Photo by Vladimir Voronin.

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