132 years old Mikhail Frunze was celebrated in Bishkek »Reports»

Schoolchildren and a dozen adults came to lay flowers at the monument to Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze, who on horseback greets the guests of the capital arriving in Bishkek by rail.

Today marks 132 years since the birth of the revolutionary, commander of the Red Army, our fellow countryman, whose name the capital of Kyrgyzstan bore for 65 years.

At the origins of the creation of the Kyrgyz ASSR

As the organizer of the action, an employee of the Frunze Museum in Bishkek Ainagul Omurbekova, said, the Soviet commander was not only a talented military leader, but also a polyglot who knew English, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Kyrgyz.

“Mikhail Vasilyevich supported the creation of the Kyrgyz ASSR. In his speech in Moscow, he pointed out that the Kyrgyz are a separate people with their own language, ”a museum employee told hitherto unknown pages from his life.

She recalled that Frunze was buried in Red Square in Moscow. When, after the debunking of the personality cult, Stalin’s body was taken out of the mausoleum, he was buried next to Frunze.

Unknown Frunze

Today, young Bishkek residents know little about who Frunze is. Quite contradictory answers to this question were given by the students of the capital’s school No. 28, who came to the ceremony of laying flowers at his monument.

Some simply do not know anything, others called him a public figure, others are sure that he did not fight with anyone at all.

Those who have even the slightest idea about him evasively answer that he was a commander, fought against whites, lived on our territory.

And when a representative of Rossotrudnichestvo asked who had visited his museum, many raised their hands. And one voice from the crowd clarified: we were forced to go there!



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