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Experts who are discussing the situation around the leader of the Ata Meken party in Bishkek today believe that the principle of the presumption of innocence was violated in the case of Omurbek Tekebayev, and the court, having received instructions, imprisoned him.

According to political scientist Nurlan Sadykov, there are two aspects in this high-profile case – political and legal.

“Political is the conflict between Tekebayev and the president. And legal – gross violations during his arrest and placement in a pre-trial detention center, “Nurlan Sadykov noted.

For an objective investigation and legal proceedings, it is also necessary to bring to justice the businessman Leonid Mayevsky, who said that he had given a large bribe to an official.

Political scientist Tamerlan Ibraimov believes that in Kyrgyzstan against such legal and political arbitrariness, and Tekebayev’s case is purely a politician, no one is insured, including President Atambayev.

The expert believes that the Tekebayev case is also one of the links in the beginning Operation Successor.

Atambayev himself said yesterday that he would remain in politics. This means that he wants to retain influence, and this can only be done through a successor.

Tamerlan Ibraimov.

Expert Elmira Nogoibaeva called the arrest a paradox of the policy of the head of state. She believes that the Ata Mekena leader has acquired the halo of a martyr.

Omurbek Tekebayev was arrested on charges of corruption and fraud.



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