NASA plans to drive an asteroid made of gold and platinum to Earth. After that, a revaluation of values ​​will occur.

An asteroid made entirely of precious metals and iron flies between Mars and Jupiter. Its cost is 150 thousand times the size of the world economy of mankind. NASA will arrange an expedition to study the possibility of delivering an asteroid to Earth. About it writes “Popular Mechanics”.

Scientists believe that the asteroid is entirely composed of iron, gold, platinum, copper, cobalt, iridium and rhenium.

NASA plans to send a research vehicle to the asteroid 16 Psyche. The approximate cost of the asteroid is estimated at 10 thousand quadrillion dollars (1 quadrillion = 1 thousand trillion). Imagine that the entire world economy is now valued at $ 74 trillion.

NASA will study the possibility of bringing this asteroid to Earth. After that, a revaluation of values ​​will take place – gold and platinum will cost on Earth no more than plastic.

The research vehicle will leave Earth in 2022 and reach the asteroid in four years. Thus, in 2026, NASA will begin to study the possibility of how to bring this asteroid to our planet.

The asteroid was discovered back in the 19th century, but only recently NASA became seriously interested in it when they studied the composition of this object.

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