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In Kyrgyzstan, only about 30 percent of medicines undergo laboratory tests for quality. About this today at a press conference IA «» MP Aisuluu Mamashova reported.

“Unfortunately, the quality of medicines on the Kyrgyz market leaves much to be desired. Probably, each of us takes medications, especially during an exacerbation of the flu. We take medications, but they don’t work. This suggests that they are ineffective. I think that every citizen has already faced this problem, ”said the people’s deputy.

“The problem starts from registration, when thorough laboratory tests of the quality of drugs must be carried out, and ends with the control of the effectiveness of drugs. Unfortunately, both main functions are assigned to the Department of Medicines Provision (DLO). But one and the same body cannot register and control itself. How will he punish himself? A direct conflict of interest arises here, ”added Aisuluu Mamashova.

“We checked the DLO activity and revealed many violations, including the fact that no more than 30 percent of drugs pass through laboratory tests. The rest are released to the market just like that, with some specific agreements. The prosecutor’s office opened several criminal cases. We will know about the results later, ”the MP said.

According to her, there are many problems in the field of the availability of medicines, including issues with public procurement. “There is a problem in the law on public procurement itself, prices are being overstated. We are going to work on this, ”Aisuluu Mamashova summed up.



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