The same number of citizens registered in Osh in a month and a half as in the whole of 2019 “Elections”

CEC, State Registration Service, State Committee for National Security, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor’s Office and even members of parliament attended to a sharp jump population in cities where elections will be held in spring.

It is specified that this trend is observed in several cities of Osh, Chui and Issyk-Kul regions. According to the State Registration Service, for the entire 2019, 36 thousand 35 citizens received a residence permit in the southern capital, 9 thousand 220 in Tokmak, and 5 thousand in Karakol.

For a month and a half of 2020 (from January 1 to February 11), almost the same number of citizens registered in Osh as for the whole of 2019 – 33 thousand 805 residents, in Tokmak – 6 thousand 950, in Karakol – 2 thousand 798 people.

The day before, the Central Election Commission held a working meeting with the participation of representatives of the SRS, law enforcement agencies. As a result, it was instructed to check where these citizens are registered, on what basis. It is not uncommon for 50 people to receive registration at one address.

“I believe that it is necessary to amend the legislation that a person can vote in elections only if he or she has been living permanently in one place for, say, three years, is registered there, and does not just visit relatives. There are facts when, for example, villagers come, register, vote and leave after the elections, ”she said. CEC member Gulnara Dzhurabaeva.

Recall that the President of the country signed decree, according to which elections to local keneshes will be held on April 12, 2020.



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