The memory is alive. To the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow “Great Victory”

A rally was held in Bishkek at the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Ivan Vasilyevich Panfilov. Its participants laid flowers at the monument, honoring not only the commander, but also all participants in the battle for Moscow during the Great Patriotic War, from which we are already 75 years old.

According to the mayor of the capital Albek Ibraimov, the heroic deed of the Panfilovites became the brightest symbol of the battle against fascism and an outstanding historical merit.

Vadim Chekmazov, Counselor of the Russian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, recalled in his speech that “The Great Patriotic War is a great tragedy and great grief that affected every family living in the Soviet Union”. “Only from Kyrgyzstan, 360 thousand people went to the front, of which 150 Kyrgyzstanis were awarded orders and medals, 74 soldiers are Heroes of the Soviet Union. The legendary Panfilov division, which became an example of heroism, was formed here and in Almaty. Young soldiers stood up to defend the capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow, and defended it, ”he said.

The adviser recalled that on this day 75 years ago, the division commander died. “The losses of the Soviet people are irreplaceable, and now we all, knowing what is happening in the world, need to remember this and honor their memory,” he added.

The head of the Rossotrudnichestvo office in the Kyrgyz Republic, Eduard Krustkaln, said that what unites us all and will unite, – about our common historical memory. “The peoples of the Soviet Union faced enormous trials, and then, without the shoulder of the Kyrgyz people, the victory would not have been so quick. It was difficult, but we won the war. I am glad that we are allies now. This is a guarantee that if, God forbid, we face challenges on our historical path, we will overcome them together, ”said Eduard Krustkaln.

And the head of the Eurasians – New Wave Foundation, Vladimir Liu, recalled that it is extremely important to involve young people in such events.

“Today, attempts are being made to discredit history, voices are being heard that there were no Panfilovites, and there was no heroic deed, and the Soviet Army retreated in battle, and the Nazis were defeated in those years by frost and weather,” he said. “This is done in order to deprive people of pride in their history, country and the right to love the Motherland, the right to defend it.”



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