Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan. CEC proposes to postpone local elections “Elections”

To ensure the protection of the life and health of citizens, the CEC submitted for discussion by the members of the Security Council the issue of suspending elections to local keneshes of Kyrgyzstan until the epidemiological situation normalizes. This was reported by the press service of the Central Election Commission.

It is noted that registration for participation in elections to city councils has already been completed, where 22 political parties nominated 50 lists with more than 3 thousand candidates. Registration of 980 nominated candidates for ayil keneshes is finishing today.

According to the election schedule, the following stages are the campaign period and voting day are the most active phases of elections and involve active interaction between voters and candidates.

The Central Election Commission

On March 19, the CEC of the Kyrgyz Republic made a decision on measures for the sanitary and epidemiological safety of citizens at all polling stations and recommended that parties and candidates observe restrictions on mass meetings in the process of campaigning, preferring campaigning through print and audio-visual forms, the Internet, and social networks.

The CEC agrees that the continuation of the elections in the conditions of registration of new cases of coronavirus infection carries, first of all, great risks to the health and well-being of citizens due to the massive nature of most election events.

Local elections affect 342,245 voters and over 4,000 candidates for city and ayil keneshes.

The CEC also received appeals from parties from Karakol, Tokmak, Balykchi to postpone voting day and election-related events until the epidemiological situation in the country normalizes. Deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh and the public expressed their concern over these issues and similar proposals.

The members of the Security Council supported the initiative of the CEC and decided that the elections should be canceled.



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