Film “Father’s Testament” won the Grand Prix of the X Cheboksary Film Festival “Culture”

The Grand Prix of the Best Feature Film Festival was won by the film “Father’s Testament” by filmmakers from Kyryzstan Bakyt Mukul and Dastan Japar uulu. This was reported by the organizing committee of the film forum.

On the eve of the Chuvash State Philharmonic, the closing ceremony of the X Cheboksary International Film Festival dedicated to the cinema of small peoples ended.

“During the festival, more than 15 thousand TV viewers were able to watch and appreciate the wonderful works of the masters of cinema. Film screenings were sold out. This suggests that people want to watch a good movie, ”said the head of the republic, Mikhail Ignatiev.

The main prize of the film festival, the statuette “Anna”, went to Kyrgyz filmmakers. As the organizing committee of the festival notes, “for truly creative work that unites generations and cultures of the peoples of the world.”

Father’s Testament is a film that presents a young man of a new generation, with a different mindset. A serious, purposeful young man thinks before he says or does something. A young man who is faithful to his father’s memory. At the cost of incredible emotional stress, he manages to complete the task of restoring his father’s rights to good memory in his native village, point by point.

Previously, this film received the main prize at the film festival in Montreal.



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