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“Caravan of books” visited the districts of GBAO

7 August 2020, 13:27

07Avesta.Tj | 07.08.2020 |  «Book Caravan-2020 ”, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan, visited Darvaz, Vanj, Rushan, Shugnan regions and the city of Khorog, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region.

According to the press center of the Ministry of Culture, in the Vanj region, members of the “Book Caravan” met with the library staff and presented them 399 copies of various books worth 9340, 36 somoni.

Also, Wanj librarians received 246 copies of bibliographic catalogs and instructions for the amount of 6406.12 somoni.

In Rushan region, “Caravan of Books” donated 773 copies of printed materials to the local library for a total of 17,820.75 somoni.

Also “Caravan of Books” visited the Shugnan region and the city of Khorog, whose libraries were presented with printed materials.


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