“He was building a house with hopes and dreams and wanted to marry his sons.” Fakhrom Gafuri is buried in Dushanbe

18:12, august 7

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of fans of his work, relatives, colleagues, writers came to the farewell ceremony with the singer …

Famous Tajik pop singer Bakhrom Gafuri, tragically killed this morning in an accident, was interred in the Khazrati Mavlono cemetery in Dushanbe.

“Fringe was building a house with hopes and dreams”

The singer’s father Shamsiddin Gafurov said that he could not come to terms with the fact that Bakhrom was no longer with him.

“I can’t say anything, I just remember my son. He has always served the people. In the morning I woke up and they told me that Fakhrom was no longer with us. From now on I don’t understand anything else. I didn’t even ask what happened, ”says his father with tears in his eyes.

“He was still young, but the Almighty took him to himself. Bakhrom was building a house with hopes and dreams. He dreamed of marrying his sons. May Allah make his place a paradise, we cannot do anything else, ”Shamsiddin Gafurov said.

“It’s a shame that good people leave so quickly.”

Shahzodi Davron, friend and colleague of Bahrom Gafuri, still does not believe that his friend left this world forever and he will no longer be able to talk to him.

“First of all, I express my condolences to the family and parents of Bakhrom. He was a very humble person, a friend of our family. All weddings, events and our family celebrations did not take place without Fringe. I hope Allah will give him a place in paradise. It is a pity that good people leave so quickly, ”Shahzodi Davron said.

The best Tajik pop singer has passed away today. The last time I saw him was two weeks ago, and I am very sorry that in the last days of his life I was not with him, ”said the singer.

“He was best friend and brother”

Singer and composer Zikriolloh Khakimov shared with us his opinion about Bakhrom. He said that he and Bakhrom grew up, studied and worked together.

“Fakhrom was my best friend and brother. We grew up together, worked, were friends. May Allah give him a place in paradise. I believe that his songs will last forever. Today we saw with our own eyes how many people came to say goodbye to him, ”said Khakimov.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan reported today that the car, in which Bakhrom Gafuri and two of his friends were, crashed into KAMAZ at high speed.

“A foreign car moving along Rudaki Avenue at high speed collided with KAMAZ. At the wheel was the deputy prosecutor of the Firdavsi district of the capital, 29-year-old Islom Anvarzoda, ”the department said.

The driver and passenger Bahodur Zaripov, born in 1986, a resident of the village of Kangurt, Temurmalik region, are now in serious condition in the hospital.

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