Heir to Gafuri. Fringe’s aborted life

Today at the age of 45 life ended tragically popular singer Bakhrom Gafuri. And we found in our archive material about him, written back in 2013, where the singer shared with Asia-Plus some interesting moments of his life.

…. Our hero turned out to be damn laconic, perhaps because he is one of the most modest performers on the Tajik stage. He is not spoiled by the attention of journalists, you cannot blame him for being shocking. He does not like to call himself a star, and talk about himself too.

Ginger, ginger cat

It is now Bakhrom Gafuri, an attractive brunette who praises love and youth. And in childhood, red-haired Bakhrom and his younger brother Vaysiddin ran on the roof, shouting songs from the repertoire of their idol Ahmad Zokhir.

It was then that their neighbors called them ginger cats, complaining to their parents about the constant loud chants of the brothers. The father, of course, could scold the children for disturbing the peace of the neighbors, but on the whole he approved of their craving for music.

Diploma thanks to talent

During his years of study at the Faculty of Economics of the Tajik National University, his passion for music helped Bakhrom more than once in passing tests and exams. How else, after all, he “fired” at all university events and successfully performed at various interdistrict and interuniversity competitions. It would be unfair to say that the diploma was issued to our hero only thanks to his musical talent.

Friends-classmates say that even at school, Bakhrom showed his physical and mathematical abilities. In general, Bakhrom entered the economics department at the insistence of his father, and today he admits that he does not regret it at all, since he has learned to understand financial activities. And if ever the need arises, it will give him the opportunity to show his other facet.

Oligarch Gafuri

Working in the cinema for Bakhrom turned out to be interesting and profitable. In the film Sukut (Silence) of his namesake, director Sirojiddin Gafuri, he played an oligarch. “If I had such opportunities as my movie hero-oligarch, I would spend most of my fortune on charity,” he says.

In the USA, during the filming of separate frames of the second film “Sukut-II”, a video for the new composition of Bakhrom was simultaneously shot. So the film crew combined the pleasant with … profitable. This video will appear soon on Persian music channels.

Every four years

Bakhrom Gafuri was born on February 29 and officially celebrates his birthday once every four years. But this is, of course, a joke. For many years, his first happy birthday was congratulated by his closest friend, who from early morning appeared at the door with a huge cake in his hands and a bottle of champagne.

Now my friend is not around, and there is no huge cake with a bottle of champagne in the center of the table, but the memories remain!

About charity

“In life it is so arranged that everyone supports and helps each other in some way,” says our hero. – Everyone can do good deeds, only there are, unfortunately, those who are trying to derive any benefit.

But there is such a saying: when the right hand does good, the left should not even guess about it.

Not to mention the advertising of charity and, even worse, the expectation of return from it. ” The artist himself participates in all kinds of charity events and concerts, helps and supports young talents – he gives them written songs.

Could become an athlete

Perhaps, if Bakhrom had not become a popular singer, he would have pleased his compatriots with high sports achievements, because he has the same serious attitude to sports as he does to music. Always be in great shape, which is important for an artist, he is helped by sports.

“I believe that in many ways a person’s state of mind depends on physical fitness and that sport helps in life and sets up positive moments,” he says.

The artist spends three days a week in the gym. Since childhood, he was seriously engaged in boxing, wrestling, football. It happens in the gym alone with a barbell, takes a weight of 60-80 kg. Quite good for an artist, but, by his own admission, he would not dare to compete in the powerlifting championship. Still, the profession is completely different, and he is not ready for such a test.

Honest taxpayer

Considering himself an honest taxpayer, Bakhrom complains about the “uncleanliness” of the producers of pirated audio and video products and the fact that tax authorities turn a blind eye to this.

He wonders why an artist should pay taxes on income when the very income from the sale of his songs is in the pocket of audio and video producers? Moreover, low-quality products.

As a result, the disc seller and an ordinary employee of the tax authority drive cool cars, and artists who spend from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 on one song – on modest cars.

About family

Our hero loves his family very much. He has a wonderful wife and three sons. Bakhrom’s wife, Hamida, is not only the keeper of the hearth, but also the muse that inspires him.

Hamida is the author of the words of the well-known early hit in the repertoire of Bakhrom Gafuri – “Die Man” (“My Life”).

Once, when Bakhrom was busy with creative searches, disappearing for days in the studio, she sent him SMS with lines, which became the text of his new song.

His eldest son Anushervon, like his father, is fond of music. Bakhrom loves all children infinitely, but he has a special relationship with the youngest – Yusufjon. The kid has not yet learned how to speak properly, but he is already well versed in all the functions of a mobile phone, he is not indifferent to a laptop.

– From early in the morning, Yusufjon begins to wake up the whole family, demanding breakfast. Seeing that I have changed and was about to leave the house, he runs into the hallway and starts cleaning my shoes, and when I come, the first thing he does is unlaces my shoes. A terrible jealous person, rolls up scandals if it seems to him that the older brothers were given more attention and affection.

Despite the fact that I was infinitely happy about the birth of my first child, I felt the full happiness of fatherhood with the birth of my younger children. Perhaps due to youth and inexperience. The eldest son was brought up by grandmothers and grandfathers, they do not like him, but the youngest is everyone’s favorite, my heir. Heir to Bakhrom Gafuri.

And yet, Yusufjon reminds me of my childhood – the same red-haired, noisy, nimble, – says Bakhrom with rapture. – I regret that due to the busy schedule, it is not often possible to pay due attention to the family, but we plan to soon go on vacation with our family to the USA, where we will be inseparable at least for a while …

VIPzone magazine # 2 (2013)

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