Lebanon will study the version of the bomb explosion in the port of Beirut

Lebanon, as part of the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut, will consider the version of a bomb or other “external interference”, said Lebanese President Michel Aoun, writes Jellyfish.

“The reason [взрыва] not yet installed. There is the possibility of outside interference – a missile, bomb or other action, ”said Aoun.

Also, according to him, the version of negligence is being studied (the explosive substance was stored in the port in unsafe conditions for years) and an accident.

As journalist Elijah Magnier points out, ammonium nitrate should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area.

The warehouse in the port, where 2,700 tons of saltpeter were stored for several years, was, according to Magnier, a “metal structure without proper ventilation.” In addition, a gap had formed in the warehouse wall — large enough for a person to pass through.

On the afternoon of August 4, a worker came to the warehouse to close the passage. According to Magnier, he was not told about the necessary precautions, he worked a few centimeters from the bags with an explosive. Smoke coming from the warehouse was noticed immediately after the worker finished repairs.

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