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In Dushanbe, a pop singer was arrested for 10 days for “prank” with a car wheel

7 August 2020, 14:44

Avesta.Tj | 07.08.2020 | A young Tajik pop singer Shakhriyor Davlatov was arrested for 10 days for “prank” with obscene language posted on his YouTube channel.

According to the press center of the Tajik MIA Administration for the city of Dushanbe, recently on social networks, in particular on Shakhriyor Davlatov’s YouTube channel, a prank video with the participation of the singer was displayed.

In the video, a young man approaches Sh.Davlatov’s car, which is parked on one of the capital’s streets, and removes the car wheel.

During this process, the owner of the car and his companion approach, who begin to sort things out with the bully, who, judging by the video, is familiar with Shakhriyor Davlatov, and took off the wheel to find out his reaction to the “prank”.

Between the owner of the car, his friend and the “prankster” there is a verbal skirmish using obscene expressions in a public place.

The police found that this scene had been prepared in advance by its participants, who were soon detained. Shakhriyor Davlatov, a singer, a resident of the Vakhsh region, Dilshod Mirzoev, a resident of the Rudaki region (a pranker who filmed a wheel) and a resident of the Yavan region, Farhod Solekhzoda (a friend of a motorist on the video) were the “prankers”.

Young people were brought to administrative responsibility under Article 460 of the Administrative Code of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan. Davlatov, Mirzoev and Solekhzoda were arrested by a court decision for 10 days each.


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