PRANKERON * IN DUSHANBE! At the request of Internet users, Shahriyor Davlatov and his accomplices were arrested

DUSHANBE, 07.08.2020 / NIAT “Khovar”»/. Recently, a video or so-called “prank” was posted on YouTube by the young singer Shahriyor Davlatov’s personal network, which reflected the violation of public order and the promotion of profanity and obscene language. The video provoked a negative reaction from citizens and users of social networks, and users asked the Interior Ministry in Dushanbe to take action against such bloggers. NIAT “Khovar” has been reported at the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dushanbe.

The inspection revealed that the video had been prepared in consultation with the network’s owner, Shahriyor Davlatov (Shahriyor Davlat), in order to test and observe his reaction. In the video, Shahriyor’s colleagues or students open the wheels of his car, so-called “prank” him, and try to test Shahriyor’s reaction in such a situation. As a result, Shahriyor Davlatov, as can be seen in the video, violating public order by observing this situation, using obscene words and actions against his colleagues, while deliberately watching the video, which contains scenes of violence and obscene language, on his network. published.

Based on the requests of citizens, the Dushanbe police conducted appropriate search operations, identified and arrested all those involved in the preparation and distribution of the video, and handed them over to the police. . Including:
Davlatov Shahriyor Nusratovich, born in 1991, resident of Khatlon region, Vakhsh district, Kirov-1 jamoat, Kushteppa village, Mirzoev Dilshod Nodirovich, born in 1988, resident of Rudaki district, Lohur Jamoat, Gulisoy and Solehzoda Farhod Fayzullo, born in 1992, A resident of Khatlon region, Yovon district, Hasan-Husein jamoat, Tillo Soleh village was detained and measures were taken against them.

Taking into account this situation, in accordance with the requirements of Article 460 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Tajikistan, an act on administrative offenses was drawn up and the court sentenced each of them to 10 days of administrative detention.

Recently, in the United States, two brothers, Alan and Alex, with bags in their hands, wearing masks, lied to passersby on the street, saying that they had just stolen a bank account and wanted to escape. work to help both. Soon the police arrive and arrest both. Both brothers are currently in prison. “It’s not a joke, it’s a hooliganism and a crime that could result in injuries or even deaths,” the newspaper said.


* Pranksters (from the English word «prank» in the sense ofӯхoh, cheat) – telephone hooligansi, without mentioning the name and indication of the rastcall your ami peoplehoi mahfuz (anonymousi) beat with shhehihoh butjo and farughhe incites sedition. ImrhewithhPrankers around the worldhehiho ”and its resultjand hehdisplay on the Internet.


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