5 clinics in Dushanbe, where you can qualitatively test your eyesight

Most of the time modern people spend on all sorts of gadgets, computers, TVs and multimedia in cars. This, subsequently, affects the quality of vision, regardless of age and eye health.

Asan Clinic

Asan is equipped with a modern clinical infrastructure that meets international quality standards for medical care. Highly qualified ophthalmologists work here. Thanks to the capabilities of the latest technologies – computer services, you can get an accurate diagnosis of visual acuity, color blindness, measurement of curvature, corneal diameter and much more.

If the results are negative, you will be prescribed professional treatment and even have an operation.

Medical center “Shifo”

Another private clinic where you can undergo computer vision examinations is the Shifo Medical Center. By the way, in modern conditions, only a computerized vision test can guarantee a 100% accurate result, after which the treatment, respectively, will be effective.

In this medical center, you can check not only visual acuity, color vision, but also determine the position of the leading eye, reveal hidden strabismus, and prescribe effective treatment.

Republican Ophthalmological Hospital (Polytechnic)

In this state institution, it seems, the queues will never end, but oddly enough, doctors have time to examine everyone without exception. This is because professionals in their field with extensive experience work here.

The ophthalmological hospital provides a wide range of medical services: checking visual acuity, sphere strength, measuring the strength and axis of the cylinder (on an autorefkeratometer), center-to-center distance, deep (complete) vision examination: checking latent strabismus; color vision, determining the position of the leading eye.

Republican Hospital Karabolo, 5th building

The list of services in Carabolo is almost the same as in the Republican Ophthalmological Hospital: here ophthalmologists also check visual acuity, sphere forces, measure the forces and axis of the cylinder (on an autorefkeratometer), center-to-center distance, check latent squint; color vision, determine the position of the leading eye, prescribe treatment if necessary, and prescribe glasses / lenses.

Medical center “Sino”

This clinic, today, perhaps, is considered one of the most advanced and professionally recognized not only in the republic, but also abroad.

The technologies that are used here meet the world standards of medical care.

In addition, the clinic employs not only local, but also Iranian doctors who can check visual acuity, color vision, determine the position of the leading eye, reveal latent strabismus, and, of course, prescribe effective treatment.

+ Eyesight can also be tested in any optics!

It is also possible to undergo a vision examination in almost any Moscow optics, where there are all the necessary conditions. Right there you can find an effective means of vision correction, as well as identify pathologies of binocular vision, measure the optical power in diopters, etc.

At the end of the procedure, you will receive a prescription and detailed advice on the choice of lenses for spectacles from an optometrist: what coatings exist, what is the difference between lenses of different manufacturers, what properties this or that coating has, how to choose the right lenses by diopters, how to choose glasses by size how to properly care for your chosen lenses.

It should be noted that there is nothing difficult in decoding the results of vision diagnostics. Let’s give, for example, the decryption of a check issued by an autorefractometer:

R or OD – right eye;

L or OS – left eye;

AX – position of the axis of the cylinder correcting astigmatism;

SPH – spherical lens (required for myopia correction);

CYL – cylindrical lens (required to correct astigmatism);

AVE is the average over several measurements;

PD is the distance between the centers of the pupils;

Vis – visual acuity;

UCVA – uncorrected visual acuity.


If you wear contact lenses, remove them 1–2 hours before your vision test. Otherwise, the results of the visual acuity test will be incorrect. And remember: a vision test 2 times a year is a guarantee of excellent eye health for many years!

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