Dushanbe hosted 25 stray cats

15:03, august 8

She spends 1,200 somoni monthly on their food.

Today, August 8 is celebrated around the world as the Day of cats. On this day, people honor the merits of these animals, showing them respect and love.

The director of the Dushanbe Aarhus Center, Jamoliddin Yakubov, believes that Cat Day today makes us look at other problems of society – the loss of compassion among the younger generation: “The cause of ignorance is the elementary illiteracy of the younger generation and the indifference of older people.”

According to him, in Tajikistan, there is an acute issue of negative attitudes towards pets, including cats.

To remind young people what should be the attitude towards animals, Jamoliddin Yakubov cites the example of a woman in Dushanbe who is one of the activists in the protection of homeless animals.

This is Iroda Akramova from Dushanbe, she lives next to the cement plant and, together with her husband Vladislav, looks after 25 cats.

Vladislav believes that it is necessary to properly raise children in a family so that they are not aggressive:

“A person who, from childhood, is accustomed to stabbing cats and dogs, then grows up to be just as aggressive towards other people.”

Iroda keeps 20 cats at home, 5 more come to her house to feed. Every day she delivers them sausages and sausages. Besides cats, Iroda has 4 puppies. Two small dogs live on the territory of the cement plant, Iroda brings them food every day.

According to Iroda, she spends 1,000 to 1,200 somoni a month on food for cats and dogs.

“I mainly take home beaten and crippled animals,” said Herod. – Many of my cats are disabled. They simply cannot survive on their own. “

According to Herod, she handed out a lot of animals to people: “But, unfortunately, it is not always possible for them to fall into good hands.”

Therefore, Herod and her husband have recently begun to stop giving away cats.

Unfortunately, some neighbors are complaining.

“Last winter, my cats were poisoned by the neighbors. The slow cats have disappeared, ”says Herod with regret.

In her opinion, such people cannot be re-educated. To remedy the situation, she suggests in schools, starting from the 1st grade, to spend hours of compassion for animals.

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