Four injured after protective wall of ancient ruins collapses in Xi’an

Part of the protective wall of an ancient official residence collapsed Saturday in the city of Xi’an, damaging a public transit bus and three private cars and injuring four persons.

The 20-meter-high protective wall built in 2009 is for better conservation of the official residence of Prince Qin of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Video taken by citizens show that when the wall for protecting the ancient ruins was collapsing, a public transit bus and private cars were passing through the place.

It was learned that days of heavy rains caused the wall to give in.

The ruins of the official residence of Prince Qin is situated at the Xincheng Square near the government office of Shaanxi Province. The total length of the wall is 2,158 meters. With a history of about 600 years, it’s an important cultural heritage site under the provincial level protection.

After emergent on-site investigation and analysis, experts concluded that the ruins remains intact. The local cultural relics department is working out protective measures and designate a special working group to take charge of the matter.

(Source: Reuters)


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