Kazakhstan decides to purchase medicines for one million patients with COVID-19 – Avesta

Kazakhstan decided to purchase medicines for a million patients with COVID-19

8 August 2020, 12:00

Avesta.Tj | 08.08.2020 | Kazakhstan purchases drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 based on the number of patients, ten times higher than the current figures of official statistics.

This was announced at an online briefing in the Central Communications Service by Yerkhat Iskaliev, Chairman of the Board of SK-Pharmacia, a single distributor of medicines. Fergana reports.

“The Ministry of Health approved the inclusion of five drugs for patients undergoing treatment for the disease on an outpatient basis in the protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. These are anti-inflammatory drugs “Paracetamol” and “Ibuprofen”, anticoagulants “Rivaroxaban”, “Apixaban” and “Dabigatran”. Now the procurement procedures are being completed, we will begin shipping by August 10. The drugs are purchased for 8.6 billion tenge ($ 20.6 million). This volume will be enough to provide for 1 million patients, according to the Ministry of Health’s forecasts, ”Iskaliev said.

He added that now 50 of the most popular drugs are being purchased for the stabilization fund in the amount of 24 billion tenge ($ 57.5 million). Thus, a two-month supply of drugs will be formed, designed for 100 thousand patients per month.


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