Newly-emerged VIDEO shows how intense the Beirut explosion was, as search for more than 60 missing still underway — RT World News

New footage shows the horrifying moment when Lebanon’s capital, Beirut was hit by a devastating shockwave from a deadly explosion at the city’s port. More than 60 people are still believed to be missing.

Rescue teams continue to clear the rubble in search of victims of the two blasts that devastated much of Beirut on Tuesday.

The short clip obtained by RT’s Ruptly video agency starts with bewildered residents staring at the giant mushroom cloud of thick smoke left by the first explosion at the capital’s port area. A few seconds later the second, more loud and powerful blast occurs, sending an intense shockwave far into the city streets.

Debris can be seen flying around from all directions as the person filming the video struggles to maintain balance.

The explosions have killed more than 150 people and left up to 300,000 homeless. On Saturday, the country’s health services said that more than 60 are still unaccounted for.

Officials linked the tragedy to the detonation of around 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly-explosive chemical used in bombs and fertilizer, stashed at the port’s warehouse. However, the exact cause of the blasts is yet to be determined. On Friday, local media reported that Lebanon’s president, Michel Aoun, did not rule out the possibility that it could have been triggered by rocket or a bomb.

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