The deputy prosecutor’s left arm was amputated. He was driving a car that got into an accident in which Bahrom Gafuri died

17:32, today

Islom Anvarzod, the deputy prosecutor of the Firdavsi metropolitan area, who was driving a car at the time of the accident, where the famous Tajik pop singer Bakhrom Gafuri died, the left arm was amputated. About this “Asia-Plus” was informed by a reliable source at the National Medical Center.

“Anvarzod’s condition remains difficult. To save his life, yesterday, August 7, doctors were forced to amputate his left arm. He also has a severe fracture of his right leg, ”the source said.

The accident happened in the early morning of August 7 on Rudaki Avenue of the city of Dushanbe near the capital’s Pedagogical University.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, a foreign car moving along Rudaki Avenue at high speed collided with KAMAZ. At the wheel was the deputy prosecutor of the Firdavsi district of the capital, 29-year-old Islom Anvarzoda.

Bakhrom Gafuri, 44, who was a passenger in the car, died at the scene of an accident from his injuries. His buried in a small homeland in the Rudaki region.

Another passenger – Zaripov Bakhodur, born in 1986, a resident of the village of Kangurt, Temurmalik region, is also currently in serious condition.

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