Will Saudis in exile suffer the same fate as Jamal Khashoggi? | Middle East

A man with close ties to the Saudi royal family falls out with Crown Prince Mohamed Mohammed bin Salman, goes into exile, and is targeted by a group of hitmen.

It sounds like what happened to journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

But this is the story of former top Saudi Intelligence official Saad al-Jabri.

He says that not long after Khashoggi’s killing, Mohamed Mohammed bin Salman dispatched a group of hitmen, known as the Tiger Squad, to assassinate him.

Al Jabri is now suing the crown prince for damages in a United States court.

So what is the potential impact of this lawsuit?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Imad Harb – Director of research and analysis at the Arab Center in Washington, DC

Abdulaziz Almoayyad – Saudi human rights activist and member of the Saudi Diaspora Party

Karen Greenberg – Director of Fordham University School of Law’s Center on National Security

Source: Al Jazeera News



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