World Online Chess Olympiad: Power outage robbed Tajikistan of a valuable point

10:25, august 8

On August 7, the chess players of Tajikistan started in the first in the history of the World Chess Olympiad, held online, with a defeat in the first match of Portugal with a score of 2: 4.

In two other matches, the Tajikistan team inflicted a complete defeat on the chess players of Botswana 6: 0 and Chinese Taipei 4: 2.

In the match against Portugal, unfortunately, Alisher Karimov’s lights went out and he was credited with a defeat. Otherwise, the overall result of the match with the Portuguese could have been a draw, and Tajikistan would have earned 1 point.

In another match, Sabrina Arorova also found herself without electricity and the Internet, but still managed to complete the match in her favor.

Nadezhda Antonova (3 points), Sabrina Arorova (2 points) and Mutriba Hotami (1.5) took part in all three games. Jamshed Isoev (2 points), Muhammad Khusenkhodjaev (1.5) and Jaloliddin Ilhomi (0.5) played two matches each. Mehriddin Sharifov (1 point), Mustafokhodja Khusenkhodjaev (0.5) and Alisher Karimov (0) played one mast each.

In the team event in its subgroup in the third division, the national team of Tajikistan takes 5th place at the end of the first day of online competitions.

Today Tajik chess players will measure their strength with colleagues from Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Scotland.

The complete table looks like this:

1. Portugal – 6 points.

2. HICP – 5.

3. Scotland – 5.

4. Sri Lanka – 4.

5. Tajikistan – 4.

6. Taiwan – 2.

7. Botswana – 2.

8. UAE – 2.

9. Angola – 0.

10. Nigeria – 0.

On August 8, Tajik chess players will measure their strength with colleagues from Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Scotland.

On the final day of the online tournament, the opponents of the Tajikistan team will be chess players from the UAE, Angola and the IPCA (a team of chess players with a musculoskeletal system from different countries of the world).

The national team of Tajikistan will play 9 matches in the third division, if, according to the results of the competition, the team takes one of the first three places in its subgroup, it will get a chance to continue the competition in the second division.

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