Tcell congratulated veterans of Tajik sports on their professional holiday

The country’s leading innovative operator, Tcell, together with the Committee for Youth and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, congratulated the honored sportsmen of Tajikistan on Sportsmen’s Day, which is celebrated annually on August 10.

General Director of Tcell Ozodkhon Davlatshoev personally congratulated the athletes: “Athlete’s Day is a national holiday that unites all sports fans, professional athletes and supporters of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to running a leading telecommunications company, I am also the chairman of the Tajikistan Cycling Federation and I am familiar with the wrestling, victories, defeats, achievements and hard work of athletes. Therefore, Tcell, as a leading innovative company in the country, actively advocates for a healthy lifestyle and pays special attention to the development of sports in the country. “

Ozodkhon Davlatshoev presented the honored athletes with memorable gifts and Smart-watches, which will become their assistants for tracking sports and physical indicators.

For Tcell, supporting sports, sports competitions and athletes is an important aspect of social responsibility. Tcell actively cooperates with the Football Federation of Tajikistan, supporting the children’s football league “Tcell – Football ba nazdi shumo meoyad”. Tcell also supported the Tajikistan Youth Football Team and became the title sponsor of the Tajikistan Championship among Major League Teams.

Tcell Is the largest telecommunications company in Tajikistan, the sole shareholder of which is the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). AKFED – an international development agency dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of economically sustainable enterprises. AKFED is one of the AKDN agencies, a network of private development agencies dedicated to improving the opportunities and living conditions of the peoples of the developing world. AKDN agencies work for the public good of all citizens, regardless of their nation, gender or religion. AKDN aims to contribute to the development of an economically active, politically sustainable, intellectually diverse and culturally tolerant Tajikistan.


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