The bodies of those who have died of “pneumonia” are handed over in plastic bags and relatives are requested to bury them without unpacking

After handing over the bodies of the patients who have died, Ashgabat healthcare practitioners continue to request family members to bury them immediately.

An employee of the temporary quarantine facility, located in the buildings previously owned by Turkish construction company “Polymex”, told a correspondent of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” that the bodies are handed over in sealed bags and relatives are warned not to unpack them.

Despite these requirements, some families did unpack the body to perform the washing ceremony before the burial. Following this several members of these families ended up in  hospitals.

According to the source, the diseased were coronavirus positive, but medical doctors are barred from diagnosing patients with COVID-9 and instead indicate pneumonia and other severe underlying medical conditions if applicable as the cause of death.

Medical staff in Ashgabat and in Lebap velayat demand that the patients who have died in hospitals are buried immediately.

In the meantime, correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that two employees of the national youth theatre named after Alp Arslan tested positive for coronavirus, which resulted in the closure of the theatre until further notice.


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