Commentary on this entry Is it all about the beard? Campaign for forced shaving of young people continues in Ashgabat (Anonymous)

Yes, I also shave at least once a week now. Apparently this is how discipline is trained among the male population. Interestingly in the nose, too, will be forced to shave? Or you can grow there instead of a mustache.

And as for the fact that this is being done to identify Islamic extremists, I just want to say that in order to achieve the goal or accomplish the jihad, Islamists are allowed to drink vodka, fuck women and eat pork, even the CIA already knows this after 2001, when it turned out that those who who was being watched were removed from surveillance after it was established that they both drink and smoke and squeeze the women and know the barbecue from the pig. And then they fly into buildings by air. So the level of our Ministry of Internal Affairs is to raise rabbits, chickens, calves and foals for Churbanguly and to sell shaving razors from Gillette.



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