During the quarantine period, workers of an enterprise owned by the mayor of Tashkent are forced to work overnight

Hundreds of employees of the Imzo Akfa enterprise, located in the Sergeli district of Tashkent and specializing in the production of plastic windows and doors, work at the enterprise for 15 days with an overnight stay. On photos, sent to the editorial office of Ozodlik August 3a, mattresses laid on the floor of the enterprise are visible. In a conversation with Ozodlik, employees of the enterprise complained that they work for 15 days with an overnight stay without the opportunity to go home. On August 4, an employee of the human resources department of Imzo Akfa, which employs more than 500 workers, told our radio that these measures are temporary and introduced in order to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus.

In a conversation with Ozodlik, one of the employees of Imzo Akfa, who wished to remain anonymous for his own safety, said that he and hundreds of his colleagues have been working overnight since July 10 without the opportunity to go home.

– Two hundred people work and sleep in one place in unsanitary conditions. Three of our workers were diagnosed with coronavirus, but the management of the enterprise is hiding this information. They do not want to stop work at the enterprise. They are not interested in the health of the workers, says one Imzo Akfa employee.

In support of his words, he sent photographs taken inside the enterprise to the editorial office of Ozodlik.

Photos taken on August 3 show mattresses laid on the floor of the production facility.

Photo taken on August 3 on the territory of the company Imzo Akfa.

The photo was taken on August 3 at the Imzo Akfa enterprise.

Employees of the enterprise say they bring bed linen with them.

They claim that Imzo Akfa’s management forces workers to work 10 hours a day, which is clearly contrary to the Labor Code.

– We work 10 hours a day, and on some days even 12 hours. When we asked management if there would be any overtime wage increases, we were told no. The bosses openly tell us: “You want to work, you don’t want to, we will take other people to your places.” For a 15-day shift, each of us was paid only 700,000 soums ($ 70), ”says Ozodlik, workers in the door handle production department.

Photo courtesy of August 3 at the Imzo Akfa company.

Photo taken on August 3 at Imzo Akfa.

However, in a telephone conversation with our journalist, an employee of the human resources department of Imzo Akfa said that all employees of the company stay at work with an overnight stay of their own free will.

“All conditions have been created for them, they eat free of charge. They are left with an overnight stay so that the coronavirus does not enter the territory of the enterprise, but these are temporary measures, said a spokesman for Imzo Akfa.

He denied information that employees of the enterprise are forced to work contrary to the norms of the Labor Code.

Mayor Artykkhodzhaev vs. businessman Artykhodzhaev

The Imzo Akfa enterprise is one of dozens of enterprises that are part of the Akfa Group holding, owned by the Mayor of Tashkent Jakhongir Artykhodzhaev, who at the same time is one of the largest entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan. In addition, Artykkhodjaev has been appointed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev as the main responsible for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in Tashkent.

However, during a video conference on July 15 on the situation with coronavirus in Tashkent and Tashkent region, President Mirziyoev reprimanded khokim of Tashkent for improper organization of work to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the capital and treatment of patients, insufficient readiness for adverse changes in the epidemiological situation.

Jakhongir Artykhodjaev, who is the mayor of the Uzbek capital and the owner of a private business empire, according to analysts, after coming to power Shavkat Mirziyoyev became a vivid example of the conflict of public and private interests.

Ozodlik has repeatedly published investigations by Western researchers that multibillion-dollar government orders go to Artykhodzhaev’s companies without a tender.

Working overnight during the quarantine period

Let us remind you that in June Ozodlik reported that at least two employees of the Samarkand Automobile Plant (SamAvto), who were forced to work overnight, were diagnosed with coronavirus. Some time later, one of them died.

After this incident, the management of “SamAvto” stopped forcing its employees to work overnight.

A little earlier “Ozodlik” reported on the death of 53-year-old A.S., who worked as a mechanic in the bus garage of the UzAutoMotors automobile plant, as a result of a ruptured appendix. Despite constant complaints of poor health, the management of the car factory did not let the mechanic go home and forced him to work with an overnight stay.

This case forced human rights defenders to hold a protest demanding to stop forcing workers of large industrial enterprises to work overnight during the quarantine period.

In addition, in April of this year, workers of an automobile plant in the city of Pitnak, Khazarasp district, Khorezm region applied to our editorial office with a complaint that during the quarantine period they are forced to work overnight in unsanitary conditions.

According to the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, as of July 5, the total number of cases of COVID-19 infection in the country exceeded 25.5 thousand.

Most cases of infection were detected in Tashkent. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, in the Uzbek capital, the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 16,187.



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