Medical doctors in Turkmenabat request they be provided with PPE but in retaliation the public prosecutor’s office threatens to initiate criminal charges against them

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In July, 2020 some 120 healthcare practitioners of the city of Turkmenabat (formerly, Chardjou) submitted a written complaint stating their demands.

Сorrespondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that on 20 July, 2020 the deputy khyakim of Lebap velayat overseeing healthcare, executives of the velayat’s healthcare department and law enforcement officers met with healthcare practitioners who had signed the petition in the Rukhyet Palace.

The doctors demanded that healthcare practitioners be provided with PPE and a sufficient quantity of medications be supplied to the patients. Moreover, the medical staff requested that the local authorities provide temporary accommodation for doctors, nurses and hospital attendants to ensure they do not contact members of their families and prevent them from being infected until the outbreak of the virus is over.

Furthermore, healthcare practitioners also called for extending intensive care units in hospitals and equipping them with additional medical equipment including ventilators. In the meantime intensive care units are designed to accommodate 10 to 12 beds in cities and 4 to 5 beds in rural areas.

The local authorities, however, refused to meet the requirements of those in attendance reminding them of the Hippocratic Oath and accused them of trying to obtain incentives by taking advantage of the situation.

– The government is doing a lot to maintain high quality healthcare system. It is unproductive to ask for more in the complicated circumstances, which contradicts the policy pursued by the President! – the deputy khyakim of the velayat said. In his turn, the velayat prosecutor M. Gurbanov warned healthcare practitioners that criminal charges might be initiated against them for their actions.


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